What’s Happenin’?

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Hey peeps. It’s me. Anth. Depending upon how long we’ve known each other, you may know me as Disko or FosterChild, Mister Anthony or even that little punk who didn’t know any better. Whichever you know me as, I’m glad you’re here and thanks for visiting the new site. I’ve grown up a ton since ...

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Music Makes My World Turn

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First up on the board… Music. I love it. I listen to it. I study it. I record, mix and manipulate it and, sometimes, I make attempts at setting choreography to it. Either way – Music and Movement are the two things that make my world-go-round and I couldn’t see my life any differently (except ...

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Dance Keeps Me Happy Too

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1995 was the year I took my first, formal dance class after spending most of my time as a B-Boy and Street Dancer. Less than 10 years prior, I had walked into the exact same studio to pick up a friends’ sister and was offered a chance to partake in this glorious practice. I had ...

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