I’m a lover of Whisky; Especially the Irish variety. Of the many fine ones (and trash ones too), that I’ve had the pleasure of tasting, I’ve amassed a bit of a collection of nice bottles and cannot recall how many times I’ve said to my lovely lady “I should learn how to make ships in bottles” over the years. The concept has always amazed me as well as the final product. The “how” baffled me.

So she bought me a book as a gift and a new passion has been given life.

I give to you, my newest artsy-fartsty hobby… Anth builds ships in bottles. A time-consuming, time-altering, inexpensive use of the artistic side of my brain while also keeping my hands busy.

My first project: “The Balvenie” Inspired by the lovely Scotch Whisky bottle in which the vessel now resides. I drew the ship on paper, cut the pieces out with an X-acto knife and traced the patterns onto a few pieces of pine. The Dremel rotary tool works wonders to carve out the shape of the hull. While it’s my first piece of work and I’m quite proud of it – I just needed to finish it to prove that I could do it knowing I could do better. While it was a bit more rushed than the speed at which I now work – It’s done and the cycle continues.

At the time of this writing, I’ve completed a 2nd vessel and have begun my 3rd (which I believe will be my favorite as I’m developing it for someone else). The 2nd is “The Glendalough”. Also named after the whisky/bottle in which the ship now lives. If you’ve been following my instagram or facebook accounts, you may’ve seen her. A two-piece basswood hull and pine deck. I’m glad it’s finished, but I know I rushed the project.

The third “The Guilty Remnant”; is currently in progress. Waiting for the oil-paint to dry (that stuff takes forever – 2 days at the least), before I can move forward. On paper, it’s a gorgeous sailboat. A single-mast ship with massive sails. It’s inspired both by music, television and choreography. The music is found in HBO’s “The Leftovers”, to which my lovely counterpart has recently choreographed a piece to. The characters named “the guilty remnant” are clothed in bright-white at all times and smoke cigarettes in every scene. This new ship is almost completely bright-white. The hull is pine with only poly to seal the wood. The deck is covered in titanium white oil paint and the large sails are unstained, bleach-white paper. All rigging will also be completed with white thread and will be erected inside an empty Tyrconnell bottle (one of my top choices so far – tasty and smooth).

Stay tuned and she’ll show up in a new post sometime soon!